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Sharon L. Krossa, PhD

Before sending email, please read the below!

I am happy to answer questions by email if I can and if I have the time. But before emailing me with a question, please check the web site to see if the answer to your question is already there. (And note that these days it is very hit and miss whether I will have time, due to ongoing medical adventures. So please don't be offended if I don't reply, or don't reply for a very, very long time -- it isn't personal, it's just I have a lot of life happening right now. Note in particular that if you didn't follow the instructions below when sending your email, I won't reply, ever. Again, this isn't personal, but simply because I never got your email -- it was deleted as spam.)

In particular, do not email me with broad questions about Scottish clothing (or ask me where to find pictures of Scottish clothing) if you have not first checked the books by McClintock and Dunbar mentioned in the clothing section; if you do email me with such a question, I'm just going to suggest you go read those books. (If you have a specific, narrow question, or have already checked McClintock and Dunbar, then do please email me, and I'll help if I can and have time.)

Also, do not email me for help with Scottish genealogy research (unless you think I may be related to you). The only way to find out about your own family history is to research it step by step, generation by generation, starting with yourself and working back in time. If you try to find out about your family history by researching people from hundreds of years ago who happen to have the same surname, you are most likely to end up having spent a lot of time researching people who are completely unrelated to you. (In particular, note that surnames are not a reliable guide to historical Scottish clan affiliations. If your Scottish ancestors did belong to a clan -- and not all Scots did -- the only way to find out which clan is to research your specific family history back generation by generation and find out specifically where they were from and what clan, if any, they gave their loyalty to. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible -- but there is no substitute; anything else is just a guess, at least as likely to be wrong as to be right.) For information about how to start researching your Scottish genealogy, see the BBC's Scottish Roots web site.

To avoid having your message discarded unread as spam, when sending email to the address below, please do the following:

E-mail address: skrossa-ms2@MedievalScotland.org (Again, put "[frnsq2]" at end of the Subject line!)


Want to hear about historical Scottish names, language, clothing or history in person? I am available to conduct workshops about various aspects of medieval and 16th century Scotland. For more information, see Workshops by Sharon L. Krossa.



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[DrupalCon London icon] Help Sharon win a trip to attend DrupalCon London!
[DrupalCon London icon] Help Sharon win a trip to attend DrupalCon London!
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