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Workshops by Sharon L. Krossa, PhD

Last updated 28 Jun 2008

Want to hear about historical Scottish names, language, clothing or history in person? I am available to conduct workshops about various aspects of medieval and 16th century Scotland for renaissance fair or other historical re-creation groups or guilds (or, for that matter, most any interested group — you don't have to be interested in historical re-creation, just history!)  I do not charge a set fee, but I do ask that my expenses be paid and that (except for SCA) your group offer me an honorarium. (The honorarium will help finance the MedievalScotland.org web site, with any surplus going to fund further research and the like.)

If you'd like to discuss my conducting a workshop for your group, please contact me at skrossa-workshops@MedievalScotland.org . I'm based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California (specifically, roughly 10 miles northwest of San Jose and 30 miles south of San Francisco), but I'm willing to travel some distance (even fly) to give workshops.

Listed below are some of the groups for whom I've conducted workshops in the past and the topics of those workshops. (Note that these are not the only workshops I can offer. I tailor workshops to the needs and interests of each group.)

Date Group Topic(s)
Fall 1991-1992
(Possibly also 1993 & 1994)
Saint Brigid's Guild (RPFN)
  • Basic Accent for Scottish Highlanders
    (Accepted in 1992 by RPFN as fulfilling the language workshop requirement for members of the guild.)
12 Jan 2002 Guild of Saint George
  • What the (Renaissance fair) English should know about the Scots
11-12 Jan 2003 Renaissance Workshops & Symposium 2003
  • English, Irish and Scottish Naming Practices
  • Scottish and Irish BFA (Basic Faire Accent) [handout]
  • Scottish History and the Modern Renaissance Faire: Real or Romantic?
19 Jan 2003 Clan Iain Abrach
  • Discussion of Renaissance faire myth vs. historical reality & 16th century Scottish Highland culture
31 Jan-1 Feb 2004 Renaissance Workshops & Symposium 2004
29 & 31 May 2004 Heart of the Forest Faire @Lake Tahoe
  • Myth-busting: The real history behind common myths about Elizabethan England
  • Scotland: Scottish history, politics and culture (for both Scots and English)
26-27 Jun 2004 Heart of the Forest Faire @Stafford Lake (Novato)
  • English Myth-busting
  • Scotland
18-19 Jun 2005
(cancelled due to rain)
Heart of the Forest Faire @Stafford Lake (Novato)
  • Scotland (cancelled due to rain)
14-17 Jun 2007 Known World Heraldic & Scribal Symposium 2007 (SCA)
  • Scottish History for Heralds


I don't suggest any specific amount for the honorarium, and I don't make decisions about whether or not to give a workshop for a group based on the amount offered. (In fact, unlike agreements about covering expenses, which I need to know in advance, you don't even have to tell me the amount of the honorarium until after I've given the workshop!) Every little bit helps with the web site and research expenses, so just consider what your group can afford and what you think a workshop is worth, and decide for yourselves. (And no, I won't tell you what any other group has given so you can get an idea what is appropriate — I don't want you deciding you can't afford to have me come just become some other group gave me this much or that much...)

SCA Workshops

I do not ask for an honorarium for SCA teaching. If I would be at the relevant SCA event anyway, I also do not need my expenses paid. However, for events that I would not otherwise be attending, I do need my expenses covered. (Unfortunately, I simply cannot afford to go, otherwise.) As with other workshops, I am willing to travel some distance (even fly).

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